Belfast Trust Work Experience Medical Programme

We are excited to launch our first virtual Medical session for students with the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.

Date: 15 October

Times: 12 noon – 1.30pm

Platform: Microsoft Teams (the Trust must use their platform)

Limitations: Year 13 & 14

This is a pilot programme and the Trust are keen to try it now, before demands on staff increase due to rising cases of COVID-19 which will impact on their ability to run this. The timing will also hopefully assist some Year 14 students who are preparing their UCAS forms.

The Trust are suggesting running this as a ‘meeting’ rather than a live event and therefore despite it being ‘online’ numbers of attendees will be capped. 

So in the first instance please register your interest as a school in participating we will be able to gauge numbers.  What we are then suggesting is that schools will be given a certain number of ‘meeting spaces’ at the event and depending on how you are running bubbles etc in the school this could allow a number classrooms of students to participate for example rather than limiting to a couple of students.  Should we find ourselves in the situation were a few schools have a couple of interested students self-isolating we can see about providing access to them at home.  The Trust has committed to recording the event so students unable to attend can listen back.

If successful, there is commitment to try and add more sessions with other content throughout the academic year.

Register your interest:  No requests will be taken by individual students or parents – the register of interest must come from the school.

To download the flyer above please click here.