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Work Experience Update: 9 September 2020

As things stand at the start of the new school term we find ourselves still in a situation of much uncertainty.  There is a rise in cases of COVID-19, many organisations still working from home, many are operating in more unstable business environment and many organisations have staff on furlough.  As such, there is unlikely to be ‘physical’ work experience for the foreseeable future.  We will continue to monitor this and will post updates on the website and advise schools accordingly.

In relation to work experience/open days in the Health Trusts, there have been many questions and queries in relation to this.  In the short term, work experience is still suspended. We hope to have another update in October 2020 and again we will update accordingly.  (We had hoped to have an update on work experience in September 2020, however it was agreed it was not the right time to make this decision).

Please refer to:

Work Inspiration Noticeboard:

Work Inspiration Careers Resources:

Work Inspiration Careers Storyboards:

In preparation for the next academic year, please see copies of the documentation required below:

Work Experience Preparation Form 20 – 21

Requests Procedure 20 – 21

Work Inspiration Companies 20 – 21

Pre-arranged form 20 – 21

School Request timetable 20 – 21

Employer Limitations for Work Experience 20 – 21

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