About You

Welcome to your About You

Are you a Planner or Spontaneous Person?

for example:


    • You’re going on holiday – how do you prepare for it?

    • What hobbies or other activities do you enjoy, tell me about your favourite activities?

    • Tell me about your approach to coursework and completing tasks?

    •  If a plan like a party were to change date suddenly how does it make you feel?

Are you a Facts or Ideas Person?

for example:

    • How do you usually give directions to your local school or a local shop? (detailed map or general directions)

    • When you buy something new, are you an impulsive shopper or have you researched and compared prices?

    • When you are asked to make a presentation do you enjoy doing it? Tell me about one that you’ve given recently and how you prepared for it.

    • What sort of things do you enjoy watching on TV/Film/Reading

Are you a Head or Heart Person?

for example:

    • What would you do if you had to decide on two schools, or colleges to go to? Friends and teachers or building and curriculum?

    • When you need to make a difficult decision what are the things that are most valuable to you in making that decision?

    • If, with a group of friends there is a disagreement, what role do you take on in this situation?

    • Do you do anything in your spare time? eg volunteering, campaigning on green issues, care for someone, run anything, regular sports activity etc

Are you a Extrovert or Introvert?

for example:

    • When meeting a new group of people how do you respond – are you the first to introduce yourself or do you wait for them to come to you?

    • Give me an example of when you have found yourself being the centre of attention. How did it make you feel?

    • Can you give me an example of a presentation you have given? Did you prepare and do it on your own or with a group of people?

    • Have you ever been involved in a production like a play or a sports day or a fundraising activity? What part did you play and why?

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