Physiotherapy Virtual Careers Event

Physiotherapy Virtual Event, Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT), 14 December 2020

This is a Physiotherapy Careers Webinar for students who are keen to explore the career before completing UCAS or to assist them in making informed career decisions.
Please see below for some time stamps to allow you to find content, should you wish to return to it (these are approx. timings):

00:00 Dr Emma Cameron – Welcome and Introduction to a Career in Physiotherapy

21:50 Shirleen Quinn – Paediatric Physiotherapy, NHSCT

32:00 Dr Danny Kerr – Ulster University Admissions

1:02:34 Andrew Barbour – Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, NHSCT

1:24:00 Zoe Wilson – Neurological Physiotherapy, NHSCT

1:43:20 Rosalind Overend – Respiratory Physiotherapy, NHSCT

2:05:24 Catherine Ward – Mental Health Physiotherapy, NHSCT