Primary World of Work

Inspiring Primary School pupils by bringing the World Of Work to life?

Children can’t be what they can’t see. Very often we see children following in the footsteps of their parents when it come to their chosen career path, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, who knows what they could be if they were introduced to a variety of different roles and organisations.

As part of our #TimetoRead#Time2Count & #TimetoCode programmes, participating pupils find out about different jobs & future careers from their volunteers.

Some lucky pupils also get to visit a local workplace and explore what is behind the doors of companies and organisations close to their home or school.

During the pandemic, workplace visits understandably aren’t possible. However we felt it was important to keep this element of the Time to… programmes alive. To help with this member companies and other interested parties have helped us develop a series of work related resources.

World of Work videos



World of Work photos