LifeSkills created with Barclays


The COVID crisis will make it harder to find opportunities for work experience. In light of this Barclays LifeSkills have recently launched some new content to support students. They have created both teacher led resources as well as independent learning for young people.

The new content adds to the virtual work experience tool that they already had on the website, and includes:

  • A new animation outlining the core transferable skills (made in a way that it will be relevant to use in other content and for the adult audiences)
  • They partnered with, and built on, these BBC Bitesize films to explore a range of roles and industries.
  • ‘What a bank does’ film – created in the style of their earlier online lessons this year, but with Barclay’s staff doing the presenting and content is based on their existing ‘Introduction to financial services’ and ‘Careers within financial services’ content
  • 5 Colleague films – featuring a diverse set of roles within the bank, which focus on how transferable core transferable skills really are!


Please click here for teacher led resources

Please click here for student resources