Belfast Trust Medical Work Experience


NEW for 2024, two in person and one virtual programme

In-person dates: 11 – 13 March 2024 and 17 – 19 June 2024 (JUNE MEDICAL WORK EXPERIENCE CANCELLED)

Times: 8.00am – 5.00pm (times to be confirmed)

Format: Day one – teaching timetable, day two – 2 x clinical placements, day three – skills workshops

Location: Royal, City or Mater Hospital for the teaching part of the programme (clinical day in either the Royal Hospital, Belfast City Hospital, Mater Hospital or Musgrave Park)

Limitations: Year 13 & 14

We are delighted to announce that the Medical Education team is continuing their successful Medical Work Experience Programme. (Previous programmes on the 12 – 14 June, 11 – 13 September and 11 – 13 October 2023).

Spaces on this programme are very limited and spaces will be allocated equitably and on a first come first saved basis.  Please note schools that were on a waiting list for October, will be allocated a place on the March programme. (Work Inspiration will fill the March programme and those not allocated a space on that one will then be put onto the June programme, and once we have accommodated all schools on the waiting list, if there is capacity, we will then offer schools an extra place on the programme).

Virtual Date: 22 January 2024

Times: 9:00am – 12:30pm (TBC)

Platform: MS Teams

Limitations: Year 13 & 14

They will be continuing to offer their virtual programme in this academic year, so that all students will get the opportunity of something within the hospital medical field (even if virtual).  Academic year 22-23, 661 students have participated in the virtual medical experiences of work programmes that the Belfast Trust have facilitated.

PLEASE NOTE there are NO SPONSORED MEDICAL PLACEMENTS permitted in the Belfast Trust. These are the only programmes that the Belfast Trust is supporting for medical work experience. (All Medical staff in the Belfast Trust should have received a communication from the Medical Director in relation to this).

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