Business in the Community

Business in the Community has been helping local businesses act responsibly and make a positive impact on their local communities for almost twenty years now. At the moment it has about 230 member companies. That number has been steadily increasing year on year as more and more companies realise that just saying they are committed to being socially responsible is not enough. They also realise that membership of Business in the Community is the most effective way of turning that commitment into action.

Business in the community helps all sizes of organisations in both the public and private sectors address issues of social responsibility. It has a number of flagships programmes that are used to do this but no two organisations face exactly the same challenges and so it ensures that each member has their own relationship manager who will work with them to produce an action plan tailored specifically to their needs.

Upcoming opportunities 2020 – 2021:


Location: Belfast

Occupational areas for placements: General Overview, Administration and Business

Limitations: Year 11 plus.

To apply for places please, have your teacher contact Work Inspiration on (028) 9045 1444

You can find out more about Business in the Community on their website:

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