George Best Belfast City Airport


George Best Belfast City Airport is a regional airport situated within the ‘heart of the city’ and catering for approximately 2.5 million passengers per year.  We are proud of the contribution we make to the growing prosperity of Northern Ireland, not only as a major gateway for business and leisure passengers but as a catalyst for direct and indirect employment opportunities in and around the airport.  We are committed to delivering a safe, efficient and friendly service to our passengers whilst seeking to reduce the impact of our operation on the environment and on the local community.

Location: Belfast

Occupational areas for placements: Airport Overview

Limitations: Year 11 plus. Monday to Wednesday only, static dates and photo ID required

3 day placements are available on the following dates and each placement is for a single student. Please note, there may be multiple requests:


To apply for places please, have your teacher contact Work Inspiration on (028) 9045 1444

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