STEM Programme


The ultimate goal of this programme is to address the STEM skills shortage that will impact local businesses at a crucial time as the NI economy begins to recover.

At Crane Stockham Valve, we are committed to the STEM Teacher Placement programme. For us, we believe that teachers have a pivotal role in promoting STEM subjects to students. These students are our future workforce and we want to make sure that our company makes an invests now in the skills for the future.

Eileen Montgomery, Engineering Manager, Crane Stockham Valve


Why get involved?

Businesses in Northern Ireland can play their part in helping shape the next workforce generation.

The role of education

Education has an important role to play in capturing the imagination of young people and in making sure that school leavers are scientifically literate citizens, capable in their use of information and communication technology (ICT) and functional in mathematics.

Encouraging STEM teachers to participate in an industry-based work placement, the programme ultimately aims to encourage young people in our schools to continue studying these subjects and raise awareness of the array of careers in this sector.

The Library Board’s role is to ensure that the curriculum for the STEM subjects is modern, world class, and inspires and challenges all learners. As part of this, the programme aims to identify clear links between these subjects and to exemplify good practice to help teachers identify where they can enrich the STEM curriculum.

The learning resources developed by teachers participating in the programme aims to inspire and enthuse pupils while contributing towards what they are studying as part of the curriculum.

Future workforce demands

The demand for both higher quantity and quality of STEM graduates in the future is clear, with company directors placing “increasing the number of STEM graduates” second out of their top ten education policy priorities (University of Birmingham – June 2009).


The business benefits

  • The opportunity to shape the future of the next workforce generation
  • Be seen as a leader in business with forward-thinking vision
  • Identify skills gaps and plan strategically
  • Opportunity to develop better links with local schools and to enhance your organization’s understanding of current Key Stage Three STEM curriculum
  • Share your organization’s ideas for how the education system can better present to young people the attractiveness and benefits of working in STEM

The commitment

As a business, you need to commit to providing a meaningful five-day work placement. Once you have offered the placement, Business in the Community will match you with a local teacher. Placement dates for the five days will be mutually agreed.

A representative from Business in the Community will carry out a debrief to determine usefulness of the placement and to provide further support.

For more information, contact Emma Morrison, Programme Manager by e-mail at or on (028) 9046 0606.

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