Work Inspiration has lots of useful resources to help inspire students to make informed choices about their career paths.

If you are a student and you have secured a work inspiration placement, why not look at the below documents, they can help you find out what might inspire you, and they provide some great questions to quiz your employer with.

What Type are You?
Discovering your talents, passions and interests on a work experience placement can be the starting point to be inspired by the world of work.

Careers Happen Questions
By asking these questions when you are out on a Work Inspiration visit, you will discover that careers are often not linear and that people can and often do make decisions that don’t work out but from which they learn valuable lessons about themselves and which often create new opportunities.

If you are an employer, why not download the three Insights to help you inspire and encourage your work inspiration students.  The below insights can be used to assess a students interests and encourage them to ask questions.

All About Me
Discovering the talents, passions and interests of a young person on work experience is the starting point for turning it into a work inspiration

Look Behind the Scenes
How could a young person know how many different jobs there are inside your company or organisation?

Careers Happen
Our research among young people suggests that many are disappointed with the idea of a job as opposed to a career, but have very little idea of what the difference actually is or how a career happens.

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